Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Overheard -- posted by Mom

Richard:  The Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the art museum made a lot more sense when I found out she is an out-there lesbian.

George:  Yeah, a photograph of the water in the river where Virginia Wolfe killed herself was interesting when I thought it was just a picture of water.  But I liked the picture of the television that Elvis Presley shot.

Dad:  What?

Mom:  Yeah, Elvis Presley shot his TV when Elliott Gould was on because he stole his girlfriend.

Dad:  Huh?

Mom:  Oh wait, it was Robert Goulet.  He stole Elvis' girlfriend, so when Elvis saw him on TV, he shot it.

Dad:  Oh, that makes much more sense for someone to leave Elvis for Robert Goulet rather than Elliott Gould.  No offense Elliott Gould.

George:  You old people, what ARE you talking about?

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