Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Italia! -- posted by Giorgio

I'm writing this post because my mommy is making me.  I need to write more because I don't write much.  In fact, I don't even speak much.

When we said we were on an Italian kick, we meant it.  After we watched Big Night we started studying Italy.  On my birthday, we went to the Italian festival in Columbia, where there were Italian meatball subs I loved.  I tasted different wines like Sarah's Prosecco and Mom's Peach Bellini.  We also had pizza, mini canollis, Italian chocolate custard, and Spumoni cheesecake.

We listened to Italian music from the band and we also heard some songs from Louis Prima.  We saw some ballet, and listened to opera singers.  There were Legionnaires dressed in Roman uniforms and they had grape stomping and a gondola.

We also watched the bocce tournament and we played bocce into the night.  It was a cool day and there was a nice breeze. 

After the festival we found all sorts of things for our studies.

We saw this:

Dad joked that Sarah is not allowed to marry a singing Italian tour guide!

Since we've been studying Italy we've made lasagne and spaghetti.  Will made tiramisu.  We had antipasti with prosciutto and plums and apples and tomatoes.  We had Gorgonzola cheese which is strong with a pungent smell.  I like it but it isn't my favorite.  I preferred the water buffalo mozzarella.  We had Italian bread and Chianti.  The next morning we had mascarpone cheese on bagels.

Oh, and we're starting the fourth act of La bohème, which is an Italian opera by Puccini.  It is the one performed by Luciano Pavarotti.  I like it.  I like it a lot.


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