Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Post! -- posted by Mom

Wow, it's been ages since we posted anything.  I had no idea it's been that long.  Of course, autumn is a busy time with hunkering down on studies once the summer gardens are harvested and pulled up for replanting.

The winter gardens are now planted (save another row of mustard greens and some more carrots) thanks to Sarah "Hardy" Grace and her compost-and-manure-shoveling sidekick, Johnny "Laurel" Allen.  What a pair they are!  I've laughed myself silly listening to their lighthearted banter whenever something goes wrong.  Tongue-In-Cheek Sarah automatically blames John for everything, and John automatically takes the blame for everything.  You should hear his mea maxima culpa for something like... too much rain.

Anyway, I'm here to post a link for Spencer (mostly) to an op-ed regarding last night's presidential debate:
Hopefully now that we're seated at our desks in earnest, we'll have more to share on this here family cork board.

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