Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nutrition -- posted by Mom


It's no secret that the US food supply is lacking in nutrition.  Heck, there's an entire category on Netflix documentaries dedicated to food.  The organic movement made us aware of how harmful pesticides are to our health, and films like Food Inc., Fresh, Dirt! The Movie etc., have raised awareness of the whole GMO issue, and how heirloom vegetables and fruit planted in healthy remineralized soil is the way to go.  Of course, heirloom produce is rarely available, and even when it is, you can't be sure what care the farmer has provided, as organic certification doesn't address any of that.

That's why we decided to grow our own food.  It's affordable, healthy, delicious, and makes for a wholesome family hobby.  We've always been drawn to that kind of lifestyle.  The ideal pancake breakfast for us is made from freshly ground 100% whole wheat pastry flour, eggs from our free range chickens, fresh goat's milk, juicy blueberries from our blueberry bushes, buttered and drizzled with 100% real maple syrup.  It just hits the spot.

Unfortunately with all the family tumult over the last five or so years we let some things go as we were inexperienced with handling trials while also maintaining livestock and a garden.  I still don't know how to have livestock bred while also dealing with life and death.  Surely it's possible, farmers have managed it for ages.  Of course most farmers aren't also employed by a bank.  And since Bill is in finance and travels a good bit, we can't even take advantage of banker's hours during the week!

Nevertheless, some of the boys are committed to tending the farm because they get it.  And they love it.  Even if it turns out not to be their "thing" when they're grown, I have the satisfaction of knowing my kids can grow their own food for their families if need be.

We have a farmer friend, James, at growinggroceries.com who offered this concise blog entry on the matter back in 2009: It’s Offical: Supermarket Produce = LOLZ

Also, check this out: You Say ‘Tomato’, I Say ‘No Flavor’: Did Color Kill the Tomato Taste?

I left this post in order to go out with the kids (Will even pulled up from work just in time) to pick our first harvest of corn for supper.  WE BEAT THE RACCOONS TO IT!  Yippee!

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