Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Assignments 7/10/12 -- posted by Momma

Here's the article on Lew Rockwell your father mentioned at supper last week:  Dirtying up our Diets by Joseph Mercola

There are a number of interesting videos linked to that article with information on nutrition in the wisdom of traditional cooking à la Sally Fallon, as opposed to the unhealthy fad diets that abound.  We know from what the Lord has already taught us, that a lot of physical and mental illness can be healed through good nutrition, but here's some good genuine science (as opposed to "science falsely so called") to back it up.

Obviously the best wisdom on nutrition comes from those traditions passed down through the ages.  The Lord walked with Adam and Eve and their children in those days, and taught them directly.  There's a comedian who has a bit wondering about who, in the beginning, had the brave idea to eat that white oval that comes out of the chicken's rear end.  Without wanting to spoil the hilarity of such comedic pondering, the fact is the Lord taught them to eat that white oval.  He taught them how to eat it raw and how to cook it!  So, in addition to what we glean from the scriptures about food, what the Lord enlightens us on at the mo, we can also look to those ancient traditions that have been passed down.

Look at these articles so we can discuss them soon:



Disclaimer:  I'm not promoting the GAPS Diet, per se, but rather the principles such as incorporating probiotics, fermented foods, animal fat, etc.

Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating lecture below!  I think y'all will too.  I don't know why it won't paste up closer to this sentence though, haha.

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