Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Lord Directs The Steps Of The Godly. He Delights In Every Detail Of Their Lives. Psalm 37:23 -- posted by Mom

We made our annual Easter trek to the cemetery in Florence to decorate the graves just like my mother insisted I do even though I boldly declared I WOULD NOT, which was promptly followed by her saying oh yes I would. So I did.

I really don't mind going as much as I thought I would. Even though I grew up going with Ma, and we took her the last few years of her life, I imagined this Easter/Christmas tradition becoming a lifelong biannual pain in the neck at two of my busiest times. Turns out it's kind of nice for the family to be a captive audience of each other for the afternoon, and then enjoy supper at Cain's Barbecue when they're open... which is only Friday, Saturday and Sunday. After supper we decided to be sure to make the trip on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday regardless of when the holiday falls!

Oh I have to tell you about the delightful Good Friday treat the Lord gave us in the morning before we left. First, you should know that our daily family Bible reading is not preplanned. We simply read the Old and New Testaments straight through and then we start over and read them straight through again. Although I saw the crucifixion on the horizon, I had no idea we would be reading Matthew 27 on Good Friday! But that's not the end of it! Our Old Testament reading included David's messianic compenetration (double prophecy) in Psalms 69! Coincidence? Nah, He's our daddy! Our steps are "ordered by the Lord," even in the sweet little things. Heck, he saves our tears in a bottle and records all our prayers in his book! Oh it was just the touch I needed on the second anniversary of Webb's passing to remind me that while we may see through a glass darkly, he sees clearly, and his timing is always perfect!

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