Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goldilocks -- posted by Momma

For a girl who would rather shop at Tractor Supply than the mall, her hair looks downright regal for gardening.  I snapped this with her phone because I was mesmerized by her golden waves in the sun, and that pretty little ribbon she tied around to hold the flyaways.  I wish it showed up better.  Oh, and she's saving a squash plant in the bottom picture.  She's a plant whisperer ya know... and goat, dog, cat, sheep, etc., and ESPECIALLY a chicken whisperer.  She literally saved our flock from certain demise over a respiratory thing chickens rarely survive.  I love how our vet asks for her opinion on things.  Okay, that's enough bragging on my girl!

In the background you can see the raised beds the little boys made for us.  We're using rock dust in them this year for mineralization since it won't wash away in raised beds.  We're having so much fun, but we eat supper and literally fall in the bed each night.  I'm actually sleep-blogging at the mo.

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