Friday, April 27, 2012

Edible Flowers -- posted by Mom

So, now we're into edible flowers. It's not just for beauty on our plates-- evidently edible flowers are loaded with nutrition. Just make sure they are edible because lots of flowers are POISONOUS!

Also, Sarah Grace is into house dresses, or better said, jeans are out-- unless she's digging in dirt, birthing a baby goat, or letting a manure toad perch on her knee. Even though we have patterns for similar dresses, Walmart is selling these for $16! That's cheaper than she can make them! She looks like a Grecian goddess to me.

These are Delphinium.  They are NOT edible.

These are Dianthus.  They ARE edible.

These are black Violas, and they ARE edible.  The darker the better since American diets lack the darker colors.

Macchiato schmoozing it up with Sarah.

Sally and her green thumb.

C.K. and Margot trying to woo her into their pen.

Here is one of our Fuchsia plants which is also edible.


Anonymous said...

Okay okay okay okay. WOW @ the dress! It looks fantastic! It looks so great against the green, love the colour and the pattern.

WOW @ the hair! Equally as beautiful in the sunlight and love the new style.

HA @ the frog. He looks like me at work.


Anonymous said...

Edible flowers! Yay! Arent they just fantastic? And they make even the most boring of salads look smart and sophisticated. Did you try crystallising them yet (for cakes)? s x PS Sarah looks gorgeous. I am very jealous of her hair.