Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Pageant (where ugly eggs are winners too) -- posted by Sarah Grace

The Ugliest:

The Bluest:

Go Gator-est:

The Pinkest:

The Turquoise-est:

Will's Weirdest:


Anonymous said...

Seriously, Sarah, what do you DO with seven dozen coloured eggs? That's an awful lot of Easter omelette, isnt it? s x

The Allen Family said...

That's EXACTLY what I wondered when I saw Mom beginning to boil all of those! She kind of has a complex about making sure there are eggs aplenty for each kid to dye... even though half of us are already grown, lol.

We could make LOADS of things with them if they weren't cooked, but since they're all hard boiled, all I can think of is egg salad and deviled eggs!