Friday, April 27, 2012

Edible Flowers -- posted by Mom

So, now we're into edible flowers. It's not just for beauty on our plates-- evidently edible flowers are loaded with nutrition. Just make sure they are edible because lots of flowers are POISONOUS!

Also, Sarah Grace is into house dresses, or better said, jeans are out-- unless she's digging in dirt, birthing a baby goat, or letting a manure toad perch on her knee. Even though we have patterns for similar dresses, Walmart is selling these for $16! That's cheaper than she can make them! She looks like a Grecian goddess to me.

These are Delphinium.  They are NOT edible.

These are Dianthus.  They ARE edible.

These are black Violas, and they ARE edible.  The darker the better since American diets lack the darker colors.

Macchiato schmoozing it up with Sarah.

Sally and her green thumb.

C.K. and Margot trying to woo her into their pen.

Here is one of our Fuchsia plants which is also edible.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Uncle Bob's Fanboy -- posted by Sarah Grace

We found this cute little guy living in a reserved bag of Uncle Bob's manure by the back garden... but he seemed completely unashamed of that fact as he perched on my knee for a photo op.

James: The MacGyver of Gardening -- posted by Mom

Since we decided to use the back garden this year, and since our precious heirloom garden was planted there, we figured we should make an effort to foil the deer thievery we've known from previous years.  And since we've become masters of gardening on the cheap, we got creative.

Although the existing fence is adequate in hindering bunnies and turtles, it's a couple of feet too short to keep the deer out.  So, we stuck an 8ft T-post in the corner and ran a cord to the existing posts around the two exposed sides of the garden (the other two sides are bordered by the chicken coop on one side and the dog pen on the other). We wanted to put something on the cord to alert the deer and convince them they wouldn't be able to clear it no matter how tempting they found our luscious Eden.

We decided to check out the dollar store since the price is always right.  And what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a three-pack of pinwheels for a buck!  WHO DOESN'T LOVE PINWHEELS?  And they rattle in the breeze as well... surely enough sorcery to spook the wildlife!

The only problem was that the pinwheels were top heavy and tilted in a way that they couldn't spin.  And what is a pinwheel if it can't spin?!?  So, MacGyver James thought to zip-tie a rock to the bottom of the pinwheel stick!  So far, they have seen strong wind and heavy rain and they are still just spinning their little hearts out! 

We already have some baby tomatoes.

Margot Tenenbaum:

C.K. Dexter Haven:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goldilocks -- posted by Momma

For a girl who would rather shop at Tractor Supply than the mall, her hair looks downright regal for gardening.  I snapped this with her phone because I was mesmerized by her golden waves in the sun, and that pretty little ribbon she tied around to hold the flyaways.  I wish it showed up better.  Oh, and she's saving a squash plant in the bottom picture.  She's a plant whisperer ya know... and goat, dog, cat, sheep, etc., and ESPECIALLY a chicken whisperer.  She literally saved our flock from certain demise over a respiratory thing chickens rarely survive.  I love how our vet asks for her opinion on things.  Okay, that's enough bragging on my girl!

In the background you can see the raised beds the little boys made for us.  We're using rock dust in them this year for mineralization since it won't wash away in raised beds.  We're having so much fun, but we eat supper and literally fall in the bed each night.  I'm actually sleep-blogging at the mo.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little Gig -- posted by Sweet Mommy

PSYCH's Shawn Spencer (James Roday) found Easter eggs hidden by his father, Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen), buried five feet deep covered with a camouflage tarp and broken glass on top.

Hint: The Allen Family golden egg is simply hidden in our friendly family room (the den)... not buried or anything... as always.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Allen Family, Allen Family, Where Have Y'all Been? -- posted by Mom

Well, we haven't been to London to see the queen, BECAUSE THAT DOESN'T RHYME NO MATTER WHAT BILLY SAYS!

We've "bean" planting our garden-- that's where.

We've planted:
Silver Queen and Merit corn
Henderson Bush butterbeans
jalapeno peppers
red, yellow, orange, and green bell peppers (we couldn't find purple anywhere)
green beans
yellow wax beans
purple wax beans
pink-eye purple hull peas
Better Boy tomatoes
straight neck squash
Super Fantastic tomatoes
orange mint
chocolate mint
four o'clocks

John and George have been cutting down trees that have grown up around the back garden area so Sarah and I can plant interesting and heirloom tomatoes in the raised bed they made for us. The ones I can remember:

Mr. Stripey

Yellow Pear

Cherokee Purple


Lemon Boy

Chocolate Cherry

I know I'm forgetting something. We're bushed. We'll write about it as soon as we get everything in the ground!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Pageant (where ugly eggs are winners too) -- posted by Sarah Grace

The Ugliest:

The Bluest:

Go Gator-est:

The Pinkest:

The Turquoise-est:

Will's Weirdest: