Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Correction -- posted by Mom

In an earlier post to the boys, I advised them to use only distilled water in the clothes iron. Back in the day that was the commonly accepted practice, but evidently different manufacturers recommend mostly tap water and spring water now. Who knew? Not I. That is, until I started researching irons recently. An Internet search brings up a lot of the old distilled water advice, but that contradicts most of the manufacturer's instructions I've been reading. So there ya go.

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Anonymous said...

It ALWAYS used to be distilled water in irons, didnt it! And it was a real devil to get hold of - my dad had to go to the little hardware store and get a little bottle which we kept nder the sink and were all warned NOT TO DRINK! I think I can safely say I have NEVER used it in an iron since I have been a grown up (which isnt very long, HEEHEE!) s x