Friday, February 24, 2012

Sports -- posted by George

Yesterday we played softball again and James and I were on a team playing against Mom, John, and Richard.

I hit the ball so hard, not caring where it would go, until I hit Mom in the back. Since Mom can't see as well as she used to, she pitches the ball, and if we hit it really hard, she turns around and covers her head because she knows she can't catch fast ones. I hit her hard twice, and believe me, softballs aren't soft! She said, "OW!" but she kept playing. She loves playing softball with us!

We only played one inning. Mom's team went first and got 14 runs. When James and I were up we got 25 points and then we had to stop because Mom got very tired. We all got tired! James kept hitting the ball over the fence toward the goat pen and they had to jump the fence, run through blackberry brambles in shorts, and jump back over the fence. I had to chase the ball too when they batted.

Mom has to look up the rules because she can't remember them all, but she thinks there is a time limit. We were hitting the ball over the fence for ages so they got tired chasing it, and we got tired running the bases!

We never learned the sport before because my mom doesn't like watching it, only playing it. It's the same with basketball. She was on the basketball, softball, and volleyball teams in high school, and she was a cheerleader, but she only likes watching football. Dad was on the tennis and the cross-country teams in high school. He also played a lot of backyard football. He was also on the wrestling team. He also took Judo for a while. Still, we like watching football and we watch soccer when we go to the pub and watch Billy's team. The Guinness chocolate cake there is really good, and The British Bulldog Pub isn't as loud as The Carolina Ale House.

John and I took all-American sports, and Richard took gymnastics a few years ago. Some of us took tennis lessons and we have rackets. We all love archery and we have nice bows of different kinds. We also have guns and enjoy shooting. We have skates and street hockey sticks. We love to swim, and we love to fish. We have a pond.

We have bikes, and now that we bought one for Mom for her birthday, we ride after school. Richard, John, and I race and time each other to see who's the fastest. The weather has been so nice all winter that we have been able to ride a lot. Mom drills us on our multiplication tables as we ride. We also talk about all sorts of things while we ride and sometimes we sing.

Mom says I'm athletic and I know I love playing sports. My favorite is football, but softball is a lot of fun too! I am having so much fun!

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