Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Valen Times -- posted by Richard

I meant to tell you about Valentine's Day-- it was GREAT! I gave Sarah Grace and Mom two books. The one that I gave Sarah is called Thinking of You, and the one I gave Mom is Love and Promises. They are books with quotes and Bible verses about love.

We all gave Sarah a huge box of chocolates and we gave Mom a huge waffle iron because she makes waffles on the weekends and it takes a long time with the regular size one. They were so happy!

Mom and Sarah gave us boys each a little box of Whitman's chocolates and little box of the heart candies with messages. We also got a baseball, a neon green softball, and best of all we got the Lady and the Tramp DVD! And guess what we had to eat on the bella notte when we watched Lady and the Tramp? Mom and Sarah made us a nice spaghetti supper!

Mom wanted us to have the balls because she is teaching us to play baseball and the one we have has a rip in it. We Young Guns had never played before, and we didn't know the rules. Today we played with Mom and James. It was so so fun! Mom and John beat the rest of us 18 to 9. We only played one inning, but we will get them next time! Even though Mom was on the softball team in high school, James asked her if she knew we let her win. Mom just laughed and laughed.

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