Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, FedEx!: Part 2 -- posted by Sarah Grace

So here’s the REST of the story *a la Paul Harvey*. Billy’s Valentine’s gift to me finally arrived during the afternoon of the 15th. Unlike Quiniece’s claim to Mom about there not being a phone number for the sender, I’ve seen with my own eyes Billy’s number being written not once, but TWICE on the customs label. There is also written, as clear as day, the contents of the item: 1 mirror, 1 card.

Because Billy had mailing issues during Christmas as well, he made sure that he had the man at the post office look over everything he wrote on the customs label so that there wouldn’t be a problem. After the man at the PO went over the entire label line by line, he assured Billy that everything was in order. NOWHERE on the customs form does it ask for the dimensions of the item, nor is there even a PLACE where such information might be added. But apparently, according to Patty at Customer Advocate, the people at customs have the right to ask for any information they want on the spur of the moment, and can withhold delivery if such information isn’t provided. Never mind that the package in which Billy sent the mirror is only a 7x10 jiffy bag, but you could easily feel the mirror inside! Did they honestly need to know the thing was exactly 7cm?! IS NOT HAVING THAT INFORMATION A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY OR SOMETHING?!

Doubt it.

But no. Little Miss FedEx Lady called me, the recipient of the gift, told me what its contents were, and asked me, the recipient of the gift, to explain further.

Now, even though Billy and I are no longer a romantic couple, we’re still best friends, and obviously we wanted to make Valentine’s Day special for each other. Needless to say, Billy was thoroughly disappointed and upset when -- after he went to extra trouble and expense to make sure my gift arrived on time – the package not only arrived late, but the surprise was ruined for me in the meantime, AND my mother had to spend Valentine’s morning wrestling with FedEx stupidity.

Unfortunately for Billy, his misery didn’t even end there. All the while he was dealing with the FedEx debacle, he said that in the back of his mind he thought, “Well even though this has happened, hopefully the flowers she receives will soften the disappointment.” Then, on that very afternoon, he received an email from stating that they were unable to deliver the flowers he ordered, but to get in touch with them if he’d like them delivered at a later date. Poor Billy wrote back demanding why the flowers – FLOWERS HE ORDERED ON THE 2nd OF FEBRUARY -- couldn’t be delivered. Four days later, they still haven’t answered, and the flowers are still undelivered.

Perhaps iFlorist is owned by FedEx.

P.S. However, I did receive a beautiful arrangement on the 16th, which Billy ordered that very day from Arena Flowers.

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