Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Food Gestapo -- posted by Mom

Did y'all see this? From what I've found this is a true story of a little girl in NC whose mommy packed her lunch with a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice, and chips. A state agent who inspected her lunch decided it didn't meet the federal nutritional guidelines because it was missing a vegetable and milk. The official then charged the family $1.25 for the school cafeteria lunch that was provided for the girl, from which the child ate three chicken nuggets.

The little girl's mother stated that since her daughter doesn't like vegetables, she serves them at home so she can watch her and see that she has, indeed, consumed them. Naturally the mom is livid that her daughter was told her mommy didn't pack her a healthy lunch.

Oh Lord, another bee in my bonnet.

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Anonymous said...

????? What the...!? Whilst I heartily applaud that the school were checking up to make sure kids are eating *something* nutritious (its not unheard of at my school for kids to just eat a bag of sweets for lunch - tell me again why theyre bouncing off the walls for the first period after lunch and then asleep by 2nd break!), I think thats astonishingly heavy handed. Without knowing what the child had eaten for breakfast (or would eat for dinner) the school had no way of making a sound judgement on the childs DAILY nutritional intake. GRRRRRRR. s x