Friday, January 27, 2012

This Is The Way We Iron Our Shirts So Early In The Morning -- assignment posted by Momma

Dear Gentlemen,

This is important, so lend me your ear. A well-pressed shirt is a beautiful thing; I don't care what your disheveled peers say. Some fads are not for noblemen. Trust me; we baby boomers are heavily laden with regret from our unredeemed '60s and '70s. Live your lives such that embarrassing photographic evidence doesn't follow you as my shag haircut, patchwork denim maxi skirt made from a pair of Levis (worn with a tube top and bare feet, no less), follows me. And don't remind me of my decade stained with angry music and punker spiked hair.

Your Uncle Sonny wore his dress shirts heavily starched (he saturated them), and believe me, he turned heads. He always looked like a beloved son/brother/husband, and although I'm sure he was, he nevertheless did his shirts himself. Although that degree of starch isn't practical for your purposes at this stage, ironing is, and you should know how, even though you, too, are beloved.

Some things to remember:

Keep distilled water in the iron at all times. (Actually, follow the manufacturer's instructions on this.)

Spray your shirt with starch and let it soak in a minute, otherwise when you iron it, it will get flaky.

I do the collar, yoke, cuffs, and sleeves first, since they are least likely to re-wrinkle with all the subsequent maneuvering on the board.

You may need to dampen the last bit again if you take too long ironing it. You perfectionists know who you are.

When you do the sleeves, find the seam and lay it flat from there, brushing the fabric up to flatten it.

I like the sleeves with a crease, the cuffs and the collar rolled, without a crease, except for the back of the collar like this gentleman suggests. I could be talked out of these opinions if you know something I don't know.

Demonstrations are given daily. See you there.

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