Saturday, January 21, 2012

For Brett -- posted by Mrs. Allen

Welcome to a veritable brussels sprout festival!

Since I neglected to send the promised email with our favorite roasted brussels sprout, bacon, and onion recipe, I decided to give you a shout-out on our wildly popular website, responsible for entertaining and educating tens of readers! Just don't let the fame change you.

Onward now to an awesome teaching, as usual, by Alton Brown:

Nevertheless, none of those recipes are what we do, although perhaps we should. We usually use the following recipe, just not with such a breathy "hi."

Precooking the bacon a bit has always worked for us, although one chef I watched said it's hard to synchronize the doneness of the bacon and sprouts when they're cooked together. We've never had that problem, but then, we also like the little crispy burnt-ish leaves, and especially burnt-ish onion... num, num, num.

Now I'm off to find out why I say brussel sprouts, but Merriam Webster says brussels sprout for the plural.

Bon app├ętit!

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Anonymous said...

Its my understanding that they are 'sprouts from Brussels' (like 'steak from Hamburg'!), so would be Brussels sprouts. Either way they are unspeakably vile when boiled and only ever rendered edible buy the addition of many and several other ingredients to take the taste away (eg bacon and onions). Having said that, they make sublime bubble and squeak. I still dont like them enough to buy them tho! s x