Friday, January 20, 2012

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America -- assignment posted by Mom

I had heard of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's book, the deliberate dumbing down of america, through homeschool circles I run with, but I had never read it, nor had I seen any interviews with her until yesterday. You are going to love this salty ol' whistleblower! I could barely get anything done for listening to everything I could get my hands on with her. Sorry if I ironed accordian pleats in your button downs, but this broad (and I mean that with all due admiration and respect) pushes all my buttons, in a good way.

By the time Will and Sarah Grace started school, it was common knowledge that the Department of Education was well infiltrated by collectivists, or at least collectivist doctrine. I'll never forget my horror when little Sally came home from a day of CELEBRATING the Chinese New Year in the name of multiculturalism! No, they weren't just learning about it, they were celebrating a goddamned pagan holiday, complete with personal horoscopes! (And this was in one of the most conservative counties in the country, Marietta, Georgia-- just down the street from Newt "The Roamin' Catholic" Gingrich, leader of the 1994 "Contract with America" 104th Congress.) As you know, the result of that multiculturalism nonsense was a couple of million of us pulling our kids out of school.

What I didn't know was that Mrs. Iserbyt was blowing whistles from within the Department of Education while she was serving as policy head in the early 1980's, resulting in her being fired by her boss, Ronald Reagan. Not only that, but she's another credible voice to spill the beans on Yale's Skull and Bones, of which both her father and grandfather were members! Fascinating, fascinating stuff.

Once I rummage through our library to make sure we don't already own her book, I'll place an order for it. Meanwhile, it can be downloaded for free at But watch this interview first, and then check back to this post for more interviews below when I get a chance. I'm meeting myself coming and going right now, but this should keep y'all busy until I can get to it.

By the way, my favorite interview is this earlier one, where she comes off a little kooky and potentially off-putting... my kinda gal! Unfortunately this one was before Dubya, or maybe Obama, I can't remember. Nevertheless it's lacking in some way, other than video quality, compared to the one above. On second thought, watch this one first. Lol.

Oh, and Mr. Billy, this exposé is of international significance, in case you're interested. Also, there were intriguing comments by Brits that I didn't quite understand, being unfamiliar with the "Big Society" campaign. As you know, my housework load has increased exponentially with my stay-at-home-daughter slave being on sabbatical. (Ha! Ha! It's not funny.)

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Thank you for posting this! The best two hours I have ever spent on YouTube!