Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Georgi's Christmas -- posted by George

This Christmas was so much fun, and I, too, didn't think I would get any presents for Christmas since I got a bicycle in November.

What I got was a cool set of action figures that I really wanted and a helicopter for them to go in. And I also got a black bowler hat that the family all says I look great in. And the Belgian hot chocolate is the best I've ever had and the Belgian chocolate bar, too.

Mom and Dad announced that we are going to see Tintin in the theater and I jumped for joy! John and I both love Tintin. John read all of the books but I read two. You can say John's "thing" is Tintin and my "thing" is Indiana Jones.

My favorite Indiana Jones is The Last Crusade with Sean Connery. It has a lot of action and it is funny too. And John holds his candy cane in his mouth like a pipe and talks in Sean Connery's accent.

I'm so excited about seeing Tintin in the theater that I can't keep my feet on the ground.

Billy's parents sent us real English Christmas pudding like the Cratchet family had in A Christmas Carol. We had it after our Christmas supper and it was so delicious! The box says, "Perfectly Matured Christmas Pudding-- an exclusive recipe bursting with vine ripe fruits, nuts and brandy, cognac, port and stout, then carefully matured for Christmas Day perfection." And the fruit was plump and juicy. It had the flavor kind of like fruitcake but it was softer and it was very rich with a strong flavor so you wouldn't want to eat too much of it.

The whole family played Richard's Bingo game and it was so much fun. I love it when the whole family plays together.

I'll write a review of the movie after we see it.

Here are some pictures of our packages:

P.S. My bowler hat was wrapped in glittery paper, so now it looks like a disco bowler hat.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Geoooorge. Especially your hat in its glittery disco ball wrapping paper. Gloria Gaynor would no doubt shed a tear of pride were she to ever see it.