Thursday, December 1, 2011

Congratulations Crystal Palace! -- posted by John, George, and Richard

Yesterday we all went to The British Bulldog Pub (all except Dad who was recovering from a cold) to watch Crystal Palace play Manchester United in "football" (what the Brits call soccer). We were pulling for Crystal Palace because that is Billy's family's favorite team. Billy said they weren't likely to win but we prayed they would anyway. Billy lol-ed at that. We don't normally pray to win games, but since this was the first time some of us had ever watched soccer, and since this was a really big game for Crystal Palace, we just told the Lord that we would so love to see a win. And we did! It was thrilling because the game went into extra time (overtime), and Mom and Sarah were squealing and screaming hoping Crystal Palace would hold Manchester from scoring the last 15 minutes of the extra time. And we always thought soccer was such a boring sport with the low scores-- but not this game!

When we got to the pub they put the game on the big screen for us, and every time the camera scanned over to the fans, we looked hard for Mr. Lane and Ped (Billy's brother Peter). We never did see them in the crowd but one time Spencer burst out that he saw Mr. Lane streaking across the field! Haha! We like to do impressions of Mr. Lane. Sometimes he wags his hands like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. He has really great hair. Here is a picture of him on his website. He will flash up on the left in a striped shirt but his hair in real life has a shock of white on the sides that looks really cool. Click here for the slideshow with Mr. Lane.

While we were at the pub we ordered some British food to try and share. First, we tried Scotch eggs (you can click on the picture), which don't look very delicious but they really are! They are hard boiled eggs wrapped in ground sausage, breaded, fried up, and served with spicy whole grain mustard. Then we ordered sausage rolls and they are sausage links wrapped in a pastry with dipping sauce-- sort of like our pigs in a blanket except the sausage links are softer. We also had fish and chips with malt vinegar. It came with regular tartar sauce and a very tasty jalapeno tartar sauce. We got it with a side of mushy peas because Billy brags on them because Mom said they make no sense. She said she can chew her food herself, lol. Some of us liked them and a couple of us didn't. Mom would never admit she liked them just to keep it going with Billy. Mom and Sarah had Magners which is a cider, but not like our cider because it is fermented and you must be 21 to drink it, and Will had Boddingtons. They liked them very much. Mom and Sarah had already tried Magners and brought a six pack home a few days ago and we got to taste a sip of it. We love it! It tastes like beer mixed up with apple juice. At the pub we also had Guinness chocolate cake for dessert. It is chocolate cake made with Guinness and layered in a glass with Bailey's zabaglione. It comes in a glass and the cream cheese icing is on top to look like a beer with a foamy head! And best of all, it doesn't taste like Guinness, because we aren't fond of the flavor of Guinness. Mom says it is like drinking wood. Haha.

Oh it was such a great night! We loved the food and the game and afterwards we walked down to Dick's Sporting Goods and listened to the salesman teach us about compound bows, and then we went to the mall. The older boys had Mom and Sarah help them pick a fragrance at the men's cologne counter, and then we walked through the mall and saw Santa.

What a fun time, and again, Congratulations Crystal Palace!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad y'all enjoyed it, and glad to know the food went down well also! I can't thank you enough for your prayers for the game - had you seen Palace play previously, you'd realise it was down to divine intervention!

Boddingtons is fantastic... go easy on the Scrumpy's if they have it when you next go there (maybe for Palace's game against Cardiff? I'm starting to think we can win the cup!)