Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Rolling In The Deep" A Cappella -- posted by Sarah Grace

Have y'all seen Mike Tompkins' a cappella version of Adele's Rolling in the Deep? I've posted Adele's version first, in case, like Dad, you've never heard it. Mike's version is performed with no instruments, only his mouth and hands!


Anonymous said...

I kinda like that!....although, I kinda wish I didnt know how it was done (wretched husband and his wretched musical trickery knowledge!) so I could be more impressed. These days, everything's 'looped' so the artist only has to make the sound a couple of times and then its a kind of 'copy and paste' job. It made me remember this from my teenage years: (if that doesnt load, search 'Flying Pickets Only You' on youtube). Ive seen them do that live and its quite impressive...of course, there's more than one of them! Rolling in the Deep is a great song whatever way its done. s x

The Allen Family said...

Isn't it auto-tuned as well? (Not that I have any idea what that really means.) And how did I make it through the 80's without The Flying Pickets, fer crying out loud? BTW, I love Mutton Chop's bolo tie, only I can't make out the decoration of the slide. It looks like a razorback head, but that can't be. Oh you kids and your music.


Anonymous said...

Yes, undoubtedly autotuned - which is fine in itself if its used for effect but not when its used to create the illusion that someone can sing when they cant! These days you can record a single sound your mouth makes (a 'la' or a 'tish' or whatever) and then programme it into the piano so the piano plays those sounds instead of its regular sounds. You can play scales and arpeggios of 'tish tish tish tish tish ' etc. I'll ask Lou if there's a clip somewhere of how autotune works...or I could just video him using it, I guess! s x