Monday, November 7, 2011

Assignment: Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party -- posted by Mom

While surfing Occupy Wall Street videos, I came across this video of 20-year-old Chris Savvinidis. He confused me because I thought OWS folks were typically entitlement/Marxists types, but I couldn't find anything this young man said in the video with which I disagreed.

Turns out Mr. Savvinidis (who reminds Sarah and me of the revolutionary character Marius Pontmercy from Les Miz) understands the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism! It makes one wonder what a full blown Occupy Wall Street/Tea Party Venn diagram would look like. Many times, as a Christian homeschooling family, we've found ourselves in bed with off-the-grid hippy potheads. (Pause to absorb.) But seriously, once we understand the concept of liberty and justice for all, it must be applied with intellectual honesty and consistency. Ron Paul has utterly awed me with both.

Sarah Grace did a little digging and found Christos Savvinidis' web page: The interview with Peter Schiff explains a bit about the makeup of OWS, and is required for the upperclassmen. I haven't listened to all the interviews yet (some are on his previous pages), although I'm working on the one with Brian Wilson-- so far so good. There are many worthy articles so check them out as well.

Interview with Peter Schiff:

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