Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mostly For Billy -- posted by SM (Mom)

Since we live in the country and don't really have much light pollution, I've always made it a point to keep up with night sky-watching events like meteor showers or when certain planets are more visible or unusually aligned, etc. Most events happen in cold weather so we bundle up under a mountain of blankets and quilts with coffee and hot cocoa and count the "shooting stars" in the same way we play cow poker or the ABC game on road trips. Sometimes displays happen in the summer and we spread out on blankets with mosquito repellent, and doze and giggle dreamily while we gaze.

For the sake of having a secular so-called "education," we learn what the world's scholars teach about astronomy, but far more interesting (and, well, true) is what the Bible says about the cosmos. I've always loved these times with the children, even when I've wondered how much time I had before frostbite might set in!

I'll admit we must be somewhat spoiled, as over the last few years the older children's interest has waned and they have opted to skip viewing certain events since they've seen it so many times before... until, lo and behold, Billy Boy came on the scene. You see, all the heavy population and the lights of London and surrounding areas prevent our Mr. Billy from seeing these events. In fact, the poor bloke has only seen one shooting star! Count 'em... one.

So, needless to say, we can't wait to schedule all-nighters and camping trips during peak events for the city boy.

We missed the auroras in the video above (I don't think they were visible this far south although they could be seen as far south as Arkansas), but it would be fun to show up for something like that!

Also, Click Here For 2011 Slideshow.

*Shout Out*

Billy, I'm thrilled you have your nose in the Word of God like never before. However, I hope while you're at Rudge Farm this weekend you'll take a moment to peek up and maybe catch "Shooting Star" Numero Dos. You may also want to check out in Genesis how God created the light on Day One, but didn't bother to create the sun until Day Four! He even created the Earth with grass and herb yielding seed, and the tree yielding fruit on the third day and still no sun!

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