Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yeah, What He Said -- posted by Mom

It seems I'm constantly perusing books, websites, videos, etc., in search of home-education methodologies to meet the children's individual needs. Being that we take an extremely eclectic approach to homeschooling, I've never felt compelled to broadcast the myriad of recipes we use... I'm not sure the locals would "get" it, and I'm much too busy to defend my modus operandi, as it were. I've already wasted too much time and energy trying to enlighten people (who don't really want to know) on our faith after they have erroneously pigeonholed us as typical evangelical fundamentalists once they learn we homeschool. I'm afraid it wigs them out to learn we are neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant, and yet we are more evangelical and fundamental than Billy Graham and the whole of the Bible Belt, and more catholic (with a lowercase "c") than the pope himself.

Anyway, while exploring the worldwide "Internets," I found this gentleman's awesome video response to an awful episode (aren't they all?) of The Young Turks on unschooling. I'm fascinated by his accent and can't figure it out. He has the cockney v's and f's for th's, and he makes the g in the ing ending with a k sound, and yet he doesn't have the glottal stops, nor the wide mouth Eastender abrasive thing. In other words, he makes cockney sounds, but you don't feel like he's yelling at you or about to pick your pocket or sweep your chimney. (I'm kidding, Billy, I love you, and I hope your grown-up hairline didn't blister!)

Perhaps Mrs. Sarah can help us identify the accent. Billy said he sounds southern. Aren't you southern, Mrs. Sarah? Are you there? What say you?


Anonymous said...

Hi all! From Rowan Fortune-Wood's youtube channel: Rowan was born in Bristol, but soon moved to London, then Swindon...and eventually Birmingham.

So, yes, you were right that he is 'southern' but he's pretty much lost all of the west country accent that he 'should' have. Unfortunately, he's kept the "f" instead of "th" and all those other irritations. In some cases (with an otherwise 'educated' person) this would just be a hangover from their 'roots' but sometimes its an affectation of a middle class person, trying to sound a bit more 'street' than they really are (compare Nigel Kennedy or Tim Westwood - both nice middle class boys, but OH those accents!).

Hope that helps! s x

The Allen Family said...

Nigel "Artful Dodger" Kennedy is a middle class boy??? Wow. I suppose his classical spiel is all the more arresting coming from an imagined street urchin prodigy type. Gah. I don't know much about him, but love his Light My Fire cover, btw.

It somehow got in my head Tim Westwood feigns a black accent, but I didn't pick up on that from the little bit I heard of him.

I'd heard of Dawn French from Billy. I like her accent. Some British accents are too British-y, or lofty, for my taste, but hers seemed down to earth. And I saw a clip of Bill Bailey performing at some event with your bonny Prince Charles in the house-- hilarious. I got involved in his comedy and forgot to notice his accent though. Damn you menopausal attention span!

I hope to go youtubin' and googlin' on this again today. I need to explore beyond Professor Higgins and Miss Doolittle.

Thanks for all the input. What fun!

Mandy xx