Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Future Of This Blog -- posted by Mom

I'm trying to remember how this blog came about, and my memory is that I (as the ever-enthusiastic family facilitator) was inspired by Johnny Caker's wildly popular Diaryland journal to provide a writing forum for the other children, should they so desire. Then again, I also remember we intended to use it to promote Milk and Honey Acres, our little farm.

In any case, we never actually used it for either, nor did we even promote this site. I never left links on like-minded blogs or anything, but rather, simply shared it with select friends and family. My parents and some of their friends especially loved reading it. Even after my father's health declined, and up until shortly before his death, he'd have my mother read it to him. He'd laugh like a hyena over John's way with words. Bill's parents used to come to it occasionally, but they don't anymore.

I guess once it was clear the boys had minimal interest, Sarah and I tried to keep it alive as a family scrapbook of sorts. It's kinda fun sharing the latest/greatest, even though we are often too preoccupied to write during the extreme highs or lows. I occasionally enjoy relieving myself when I get a bee in my bonnet over an issue, and Sally likes posting her pictures and sunshine, but typically saves her rants for her private journal.

The point is, some of the boys are interested in rejuvenating the farm and they might want to use this URL for the business. I'm not even sure we'll continue the blog if they do. If we continue it, you can find us at We currently redirect our blogspot to our domain

It's all very iffy at this point, but I didn't want any of our thousands hundreds tens of readers to be surprised to find a farm website when what they really wanted was to see Sarah's latest hairdo or me telling them to repent of their trendy mental illness. [Seriously, the boys got on a Monk marathon and I was constantly reminding them that mental illness is neither funny nor endearing, and it is certainly not manly. I don't apologize for taking this subject very seriously, as mental illness runs in my family. In fact, my mother's grandmother and one of her daughters both died in our state mental hospital ("Bull Street" for the locals). My father's side was vexed as well, and it just breaks my heart to know there are people who languish year after year trying to "manage" something for which the Lord took stripes to provide their deliverance and healing.]

Anyway, back to this blog. (I hate the word "blog," but that's beside the point.) I like using this here thang to post items I want the children and/or Bill to see at their leisure, without interrupting our limited time together. For example, Mrs. Sarah shared an intriguing site where you can click on a map of the UK and hear the various dialects. Oh how I love, love, love, that site! You'll see it at the bottom of this post. And if anyone knows of a similar tool for American dialects, please share the link. This just fascinates me.

The problem is I'm conscious there are other readers (albeit only about 25 a day), and although I don't mind being in a fish bowl, I wonder if it is strange to use the family website to communicate with the family. It just strikes me as a weird thing to do even though it is awfully practical. So, we'll see.

Okay, so this is when I just go weirdly posting stuff:

Mrs. Sarah's Fascinating Site I Love, Love, Love.

Art Exhibition

Photorealism: Not Photos But Paintings That Look Like Photos

40+ Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Paintings

Some of the boys say this song reminds them of Ma... except... Ma never made brownies (that we know of):

For those of you who said you don't remember me reading this to you:
The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde

Here's the free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation I told you about:

Another great tool: All the words in the world. Pronounced.

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Anonymous said...

OH! How I LOVE that on howjsay they pronounce 'bath' b-ahhhh-th, like a proper southerner, rather than the northern b-a-th! s x