Friday, May 6, 2011

Ancient History -- posted by John, George, and Richard

John: For the last few weeks Mom has been teaching us ancient history. Usually our play is based on what we are studying. When we go outside, I am Odysseus and my land is the sheep pen, the goat pen, and the garden. I am able to harvest wheat (it is really tall wheat grass) to trade with other countries. I use a tool Dad has like a sickle to cut the wheat.

George: I rule Egypt, but I am a monotheist like Akhenaten. My land is the backyard because it has the Nile (our pond.) Papyrus (just pond weeds) grows along the bank. I trade papyrus with other nations and they manufacture paper.

Richard: I live in Israel (located at our workshop.) I live just after the Israelites settled in the land flowing with milk and honey. I am Joshua. I sell purple clothing which is very expensive because it is the color of kings. It is so expensive because it is difficult to make because it is made from A LOT of snails. I have twenty children and one of them got born in Egypt because my wife took a trip there to look for more snails. When I went to pick her up, she'd had another child. It was unexpected. The pharaoh became friends with me because we trade a lot and make good deals. Egypt doesn't hate the Israelites anymore and they are not racist. George is a good pharaoh.

The three of us trade diamonds (quartz rocks) and coal (black rocks.) We have a great economy while our countries are at peace.

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