Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good Friday -- posted by Mom

On Friday we went to the cemetery to place flowers. Bill and I found lovely yellow bunches with pretty blue butterflies for 60% off. I say pretty blue butterflies now, but originally I thought they were rather tacky-looking. I mean, when I saw each bunch with identical blue butterflies, on identical blooms, with identical wing positions, they looked ridiculous. No problem, I simply took a pair of Fiskars to whack 'em off on the the ride up. Only, the more I looked at them, the more I grew to love those tacky blue butterflies. Besides, they were Webb's signature color. So, I whacked all but Webb's! They looked great finished with bows made from a roll of yellow, white, and spring green ribbon I found. My mother would laugh her head off if she could hear me all "into" the cemetery thing. Every Christmas and Easter I warned her I wouldn't be taking that chore over, and every Christmas and Easter she said oh yes I would.

It was weird going to Florence without Will this time (he had to work), and it was even more weird that we didn't eat at Cain's, Pam's, or Red Bone Alley. Until Bill is gainfully employed, we'll continue to avoid eating out... no small expense for a family our size. Nevertheless, Bill splurged on Wendy's Frosties and the gang was perfectly satisfied and enjoyed each other for the three-hour round trip. It's a good thing we like being together, and don't need costly entertainment. It's as though they haven't even noticed our situation. In fact, last Christmas finally proved to me that the children really have contentment that transcends "stuff." They had plenty of fun just playing in the snow, and hanging out together. They can live happily without toys, TV, movies, video games, and the Internet. Except for Sarah. She certainly CANNOT live without the Internet... you know, Billy.

Easter was fun with all the egg hunting. They still haven't found the expertly hidden golden egg, thank you. I've hidden it so well in the past that a year later they still hadn't found it! Even the older kids participate in the search for the golden egg. My hiding places are legendary, and my children take a strange pride in my gift.

This is also the only time of year they get chewing or bubble gum. I hate gum. I think it makes people look stupid and trashy smacking away with that jaw flapping. Sarah Grace never chews it, thank the Lord. Unfortunately, the boys love it but agree not to chew it in public for my sake. I allow it once a year so they can perfect their bubble blowing and have their gum-chewing male bonding, or whatever it is, but I always regret it. It's just not gentlemanly, and it makes them look sloppy.

The garden is coming along and the little boys are more help than ever. They were getting up and out with the sun in the beginning, and working hard before their studies out on the deck. Bill determined the blades on the tiller really don't go deep enough, so they tilled it all by hand!

They love doing their lessons outside in the spring. John even said he felt like a gentleman farmer working the earth and then cleaning up to read great literature out in nature. This prompted the older children to remember a certain tree that spread out over the pond, with branches that formed a comfortable perch for reading. Today I read poetry to the little boys, but honestly, the wildlife was so loud I felt like I was hollering by the end of the reading. Oh, that reminds me, John has learned a bird call and the bird actually answers him!

Here's one of my favorite Easter songs. I used to worship the Lord to this song back in the 70's, long before I had the new birth. Oh I hope you feel it like I do.

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