Friday, March 11, 2011

The Josties -- posted by Momma

Oh my goodness, I found this homeschooling family of thirteen last night after following an anti-fundy site link, and I just fell in love with them. In fact, after Bible time this morning I had the kids watch their music video below. The link I originally followed was to a self-deprecating homeschool fashion (oxymoron, I know) video they made. It's pasted below the music video.

Here's the "about" page on their website:

I think it was from there I stumbled upon a blog entry about a concert they had at a certain Bayside Baptist Church. A picture of them standing in the water had the caption: "Clam diggers at Bay of Fundy." L.O.L.

Oh my oh my how I love this family!

[And don't ask why I go to anti-fundy snark boards. It might seem like a sicko diversion, but I'm so disgusted with the present state of the so-called church, that I find myself agreeing with them much of the time. An unbeliever can spot a hypocrite a mile away. Besides, I've discovered some of my favorite Christian families by following their snark.]

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