Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh Me of Little Faith (when it comes to snow at Christmastime) -- posted by Momma

Like I said in a previous post, when Bill lost his job in November, the children brainstormed on a variety of ways to celebrate Christmas in lieu of presents. Some of their ideas were delightful such as: cooking together, learning new songs together, playing games, etc. One of their ideas that stood out to me was their prayer for snow, so they could play in it for a Christmas treat.

Being a Columbia native, I had never witnessed snow at Christmas (appears the last time was in 1887), and I was hesitant to encourage the prayer they started over a month ago for fear they would be additionally disappointed on top of our circumstances. They have prayed for snow before to no avail, nevertheless they were especially excited to ask for it for Christmas. So excited that George had trouble sleeping Christmas night, and was found roaming around at 4am looking out the windows for snow.

Imagine the momma's heart in me wanting to prevent my children's further disappointment.

Okay, now imagine my surprise to wake up to a blanket of snow this morning... AND IT'S STILL FALLING!

Needless to say, my rosy-cheeked boys have been dancing the Happy Snow Dance since 6am.

Oh, thank you, Lord, you never cease to amaze us!


Anonymous said...

My mum called me yesterday to say 'your' snow was on the news! I watched the evening edition to see if they mentioned it again but it was all the usual doom and gloom. I hope y'all had THE BEST snowy time. s x

Billy said...

Yes Stephie is right, the snow in SC made the news here in England!

Those pictures are great, I especially like the one of the boys sitting by the lake, fantastic.