Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sharpshooters! -- posted by John

Sunday afternoon, Mom, Dad, a few of my brothers and I, had target practice with our guns and bows. Actually, Dad supervised and kept Macy from getting in the way.

I had been looking forward to my mom and me having a contest. When Mom was a girl, one of her hobbies was marksmanship and she is very good. She first learned to shoot a BB gun from her granddaddy and later her father taught her to shoot shotguns. He also bought her a skeet thrower when she was a teenager. I hope it is still somewhere in Ma's stuff because I would love to try to hit clay pigeons with the shotguns! We only shoot stationary targets at home and the rifle range. She thinks it was like this one, except it didn't have a seat like that:

The contest Mom and I had was two rounds. The first round was whoever could shoot down the most cans in ten shots. The second round was whoever got the most shots closest to the bull's eye on the target with twenty shots. It was a great competition because Mom and I tied. She won the first round, and I won the second round.

Saturday, when Mom was familiarizing herself with the gun (since she hadn't shot in a while), she took down a can with her first shot, and continued to blow them away. Everybody in the family kept telling me I was going to lose because Mom is the best shot in the house. They were trying to prepare me for disappointment.

One funny thing that happened was when Mom missed several shots in a row and we realized she had forgotten that she had put her glasses on her head!

Since Mom hit the bull's eye twice, and I didn't hit it any, I thought she had won the second competition as well, but then she explained to me that our competition was whoever hit the most shots within and closest to the bull's eye. I barely beat her so it's not like I rubbed it in. Besides, I wouldn't be obnoxious about beating my mother... maybe James, but never Momma.

George got a compound bow for his birthday on September 28. James helped him learn how to use it and George just keeps getting better all the time. (James had just gotten home from work and had stripped off his work shirt, that's why he had on an undershirt in the pictures.) We take special care to stick to safety procedures when shooting compound bows because they can be very dangerous since they increase the power of the bow well beyond arm strength.

Anyway, Sunday afternoon was so much fun that we might do it again this weekend!

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