Monday, October 25, 2010

For Our Upperclassmen 10/25 -- posted by Momma

Here are your short stories. Do the vocabulary recognition, vocabulary exercises, reading assignment, comprehension and recall questions in the student companion. Be prepared to discuss the critical thinking and bonus questions, but don't bother to write those down.

The Lady or The Tiger -- Frank Stockton

Rip Van Winkle -- Washington Irving

Hop-Frog -- Edgar Allan Poe

The Fight -- Augustus Baldwin Longstreet

Here are a few other things I want y'all to read in preparation for discussion:

Listen to this audio clip of Mark Steyn's acceptance speech he gave when he received the Free Press Society's journalistic prize, the Sappho Award. The sound quality isn't great, especially in the beginning when he is being introduced, but suffer through it-- it's worth it.

While you're at it, watch this clip:

Please read these short articles on the NPR firing of Juan Williams. Keep in mind that Juan Williams is a liberal. First, watch the clip that got him fired from NPR:

Also, hear what Juan Williams has to say about the firing:

The articles:

Michelle Malkin Free the Taxpayers: Defund State-Sponsored Media

Rich Lowry The Closing of NPR’s Mind

The Editors Let NPR Pay Its Own Way

Here's an article I want y'all to read on the European budget cuts. More on this later:

Jonah Goldberg
Fools Rush In Where Europe Rushes Out

Have you seen this yet?

I love this first Mark Lowry version of Mary, did you know? because I like the vocals better than the second version, but I love the cello and Spanish guitar in the second one. So, I posted them both.

Also, don't forget to keep up with The Man in the Iron Mask student companion. Even though it is a family read-aloud, it still counts for hs literature.

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