Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dumbest Generation? -- posted by Momma

A few weeks ago I had a wake-up call when Sarah Grace went to write a personal note and her handwriting looked, well, like shards of letters. Even though we value a lovely "hand," especially for women (and Grandmom and Aunt Mary's are practically perfect), Sarah's once delicate script had taken an edge, so to speak. She realized she was so out of practice with her handwriting, that her hand had "frozen up," and she had lost it! She's practicing now, but other than thank-you notes, there is hardly ever the occasion for her to write the old-fashioned way.

That's such a let-down for me because one of my favorite things as a young woman was my stationery wardrobe. I used to get in so much trouble with my mother for all the money I spent on paper! I just love the feel of fine paper and all the latest/greatest in unique cards. Unfortunately, my handwriting looks like that of a third grader, but it's not for lack of trying! Oh how I would practice, but nevertheless I think I was prevented by the sheer size of my Shaquille O'Neal hands. Still though, that never stopped me from indulging in the best of Crane.

After reading this article, I checked to make sure everybody here can perfectly write in cursive, tie their shoes, zip their jackets, use a can opener, catch a bus, plunge a toilet, unjam the garbage disposal, etc. God forbid that the children of the homeschooling sanctimommy lack in any skill. I'm kidding, I did recently find out that a couple of the little boys (no name release) didn't know their birth date or how to spell their middle name. Whoa. And oops.

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