Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Check Out Our Ink -- posted by Mom

We've had the pleasure of making friends with the self-proclaimed cool people at the pool. And courtesy of Eli, the coolest of pool people, we got "tats" like them! Of course as all mistakes in life should be, ours are washable.

Sarah's is a string of snakes linked together, and should have been applied to the bottom of her foot, since Jesus gave us the power to tread on serpents. Mine says "True Love" because the cool pool people love Bill's and my affection for each other. Jason said we remind him of the old couple in Titanic who peacefully get in bed together as the ship is going down. I love that so much! At first, I missed the sentiment because I got hung up on the "old couple" part but he convinced me we were like the old couple, not an old couple. So, we made up.

Unfortunately Eli's packet of tattoos weren't designed to be wholesome, but he was so good to search for the least offensive ones to offer the children. He also warned them to never get a real one. What a great Uncle Eli he is becoming!


Adopteduncle said...

Hey. It's Eli! I didn't konw how much I would miss you guys. Charlotte is so fun, but Justin Beber had a concert and all the fans are at the hotel. I hope the music wasn't too loud or offend anyone yesterday. I also hope Jason does not stand you guys up. Have fun and tell everyone I said hey. I really love the blogs that you guys have. Wicked cool. XXXOOO

The Allen Family said...

We started missing you before you left! Just don't come back with Bieber Fever or we'll have to quarantine you from the pool!

Sarah said to tell you that Monticello Restaurant is divine, and she highly recommends it.

Thanks for caring about the music yesterday-- we weren't offended!

Muchos Smoochos!


The Allen Family said...

Hey Eli! This is Sarah Grace. Have you checked your email lately? I've emailed twice, and I don't know if you gave me the correct address.

SG x