Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Save the Drama -- posted by Momma

I don't want this happy family website to become like those carnation cross and teddy bear memorials you see on the side of the highway, but I do have a few more things I'd like to say about Webb's passing.

One thing I've learned is that over-the-top emotional outbursts aren't indicative of superior love. I've thought, "I just lost a child, shouldn't I be screaming, and inconsolable?" No, self-control is fruit of the Spirit, and it doesn't diminish my love for Webb that I have accepted the Lord's judgment. In fact, agreeing with the Lord is where true love lies! All the world can churn up a froth of emotion at will, whether it is sincere or not, so hysteria doesn't denote genuine love. Conversely, Jesus wept, so stoicism isn't any more spiritual. The grace of Jesus Christ sustains his children who are known by their deep, unfeigned love. And yet, he doesn't let us despair!

Of course I have pangs of missing him. Just yesterday we were planning a camping trip for this month and I was stung with the memory of how very much Webb loved camping. He bounced with excitement. I remembered how giggly he was in the tent, and how we all laughed the next morning when his mattress had deflated and his lower body was flat on the floor of the tent while his upper body was hanging on to the little bit of inflation left in the top of the mattress. (Which reminds me to check the mattresses before our trip, so none of us get surprised like Webb!)

A funny little thing that yanks at my heart is when I see the "ugly" pancakes at breakfast. As most every homemaker knows, there are usually a couple of pancakes in the batch that don't brown right, or are misshapen. They taste good, but since Webb's pancakes were served pre-cut, I always saved the "ugly" ones for him. I'd even tease him by saying that once he learned to cut his own pancakes, I would serve him pretty ones. So, when I see those pancakes, my eyes sting, and I take a deep gulp, and wish he was at the table loving my misfit pancakes. For Webb, pancakes were second only to strawberry shortcake made with homemade shortcake biscuits, not cake.

Webb wasn't really into sweets, so it surprised us one Easter when he got caught sneaking Easter chocolate without permission. How did he get caught? Put it this way... Did you know that pastel-colored foil wrappers on miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Kisses can make it through one's digestive tract completely intact? That is a sight to behold... as if he "went" in cartoon technicolor!

Just this past year Sarah Grace turned him on to cotton candy. That was hilarious to watch! You know how a huge cloud of cotton candy can instantly vanish once it hits your saliva? As Webb was reeling it in with his lips, it was simultaneously disappearing before he could sink his teeth into it. He was so weirded out, and maybe even partly afraid, by Sarah's strange magic... but he smacked those lips as if it was manna from heaven!

Oh, what happiness he brought us!

Hopefully we'll be posting all the Allen Family latest/greatest as usual, but please indulge us if we have more to share on Webb. We've had a lot of fun talk about Webb, and we're able to laugh and enjoy happy memories with warm hearts.

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