Friday, May 28, 2010

Richard's Camping Trip -- posted by Richard

(Scroll down to Sarah's post for pictures)

On our camping trip, I was the one that caught the most fish. When I got bored of fishing, I went to the playground.

Mom said she would give us $100 if we caught a fish with our bare hands but it was on the day we were leaving so there wasn't enough time, but we tried.

One night Dad caught a raccoon in the act of eating our potato chips that he accidentally left out of the box. We had to put the picnic tables on top of our coolers because raccoons can get into them if you don't.

I learned how to float on my back. When we were swimming, we saw a nice little place to practice on and it was like a new land not an island. It looked like a beach.

Mom got us new swimming shoes. I lost one of mine in the lake but James found it when we were in the water.

There is a place George told you about called Fish City. I think they all went away when I threw my bobber there because I didn't catch a thing.

I loved the orange juice Mom brought. It was the tastiest I've ever had. The S'mores were really good. We were able to cook the marshmallows. They were really, really, messy, but really, really, good.

When we were fishing, I kept getting sunburned in one second.

I got a fish right next to the shore in a hole near the land that I bet there was a fish in it, so I caught it.

Lake Murray is a wonderful place and we were right across the street from the bathroom. Mom got us each cute baggies with little shampoos and toothpastes that were really cute and tiny.

Mom bought a snake bite kit in case someone on the campground needed it because she wasn't planning on using it on any of us. That would just be too much.

Mom and Sarah met a camper woman in the bathroom scrubbing it and cleaning it up. Mom and Sarah said that was a great idea and they will do it next time instead of worrying about it. They will bring cleaners and scrub it down on the first day.

Dad's burgers were my favorite and we had slaw dogs one night but Dad cooked mine while I caught another fish because I got tired holding it over the fire.

Sarah was very beautiful while we were there.

Mom bought hot dog holders that are backward so we don't poke anybody in the eye.

I loved the hot chocolate that Mom made for us each morning. It was really hot but it was still good.

We saw a river otter swim past our site or maybe it was a muskrat.

James returned a video camera that a camper left and got a $20 reward!

Mom had Dad get worms because she couldn't put on crickets. She said she'd rather eat a worm than impale a cricket so he bought her some worms.

Mom didn't want us to bring any technology on the camping trip. James wanted to bring his claymore but Mom wouldn't let him.

We played pirates and knights and James made swords for us. James was in a pinch when George and me were attacking him, so he finally said he was going to the south side.

The birds were so close and they didn't mind that we were there.

Camping is so terrific that I want to sell our house and camp all the time. I love camping so much!


Anonymous said...

Hello Richard! Your camping trip sounds like heaps of fun! Fishing, swimming AND Smores! What could be better? s x

The Allen Family said...

Dear Mrs. Sarah,

I loved the crackers on the S'mores because they taste like honey. When we cooked the marshmallows we burnt some of them and then we took the skin off and inside they were really gooey.

One time we just had marshmallows and we toasted them on our hot dog sticks and we had forks to catch them if they started to melt off the sticks.

We saw lightning over an island that James and Spencer wanted to swim to but Mom wouldn't let them because it was too far.

Bye Mrs. Sarah!