Friday, May 28, 2010

Having Fun at Lake Murray -- posted by George

Swimming was my favorite part of camping. When we went in the lake, we would be careful not to stir up the red clay that makes the water murky. It was only murky right where we got in the water. When the red clay got stirred up, it looked like someone dropped a bomb under the water. We made sure not to touch the bottom where it was deeper so we could see under water. We stood on big rocks when we weren't swimming or floating or treading water. We put on our goggles and we could see big rocks, like boulders, and it looked cool like there were secret hiding places for fish.

Some of us picked up big rocks and slung them out and held on so they would take us down to the bottom of the deep part so we could see the bottom of the lake. It looked very cool like another world down there. The big kids went out very deep and saw a place they named Fish City because there were fish everywhere swimming around them and they weren't scared away. Once they found Fish City, that's where we would cast our lines when we were fishing.

One part of our site was a bank, like a cliff, we could run and jump off of into the water, and that was my favorite part, but there was a pebble beach, too. You could sit on the beach and the waves would hit you but you could sit in the water instead of standing up all the time. The water had cold spots and warm spots.

Lake Murray was built where there were people living with houses and churches, like towns, in a valley. Some of the buildings are still down there and divers found abandoned things like jars and stuff still on shelves in houses. When I grow up, I want to have John take me way out in a boat and go deep down scuba diving and look for treasure.

Sadly, my least favorite part of the trip was the hike we went on. I missed seeing things like the white-tail deer they saw. I did see the bones of a catfish, but the hike was long and it was hilly and tiring and I was thinking, "God help me." It started raining a little and getting very windy, and if we got caught in a thunderstorm Mom would have been mad at Dad so I heard her and Richard pray that there wouldn't be any lightning. We didn't do the whole 90 minutes of the hike, we only did an hour of it but that was too much. Mom was panting at the end and wondering why Dad had to go so fast, but she didn't get mad. She said next time to slow it down for her and me and Richard and to take a rest and sip some water or she won't go again. I don't blame her; I was dying.


Anonymous said...

Hello George! I was curious about Lake Murray being a place where there used to be a town so I googled it and it was SO interesting! Thank you for helping me to find out about it. There's a place called Potosi in Venezuela where they did the same kind of thing and then, when there was a long drought, the water levels fell so much that the town came back into view! How strange! s x

The Allen Family said...

Dear Mrs. Sarah,

Thank you for writing. Mom just read to us yesterday about the history of Lake Murray. In 1943 a B-25C Mitchell bomber crashed into Lake Murray during training exercises and we actually watched them pull it out of the water. It is in a museum now.

Love, Georgi