Saturday, April 10, 2010

Webb Waring Allen: January 3, 1997 - April 7, 2010 -- posted by Daddy

Words are inadequate to describe the pain and grief that the family has experienced over the past three days since our wonderful son Webb passed away on Wednesday. Although our faith is sustaining us during this time, we terribly miss our incredible 13-year-old son and brother who has preceded the rest of us to heaven.

For most of his thirteen years, Webb lived a fully engaged, robust, healthy life. Although he never was able to walk or talk, he made up for this lack with an adorable personality, a hearty belly laugh, the most handsome blue eyes you’ve ever seen, and big rosy red cheeks that had to be kissed.

Mandy knew from the day he was born that something with Webb was amiss. Initially, the doctors dismissed her concerns. But when it was clear that Mandy was right, the specialists did every test under the sun, and were only able to come to the conclusion that Webb was developmentally delayed.

Ever since then, our family prayed for Webb’s healing every single day. Without fail. Our family’s life revolved around Webb, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. With Webb not being able to care for himself in any way, every member of the family made sure his every need was met. And no one ever had a word of complaint, because loving and caring for Webb was what our family was all about.

He was never ill, and was the picture of health up until a couple of years ago. We all have indelible memories of playing with him, and hearing his infectious laugh. Even though he couldn’t walk, he could crawl around the house like a bat outta hell. I had such great times with him chasing him down the hallway. We’ll never hear the tune from Blue’s Clues or Elmo’s World without thinking of how he loved to watch these shows. The boys had a ball wrestling with him and helping him play with his favorite toys.

Even after his first seizure two years ago, he seemed to bounce back to his prior vigor. But after the series of four seizures in November and December of 2008, we could tell that Webb was not his former self. We almost lost Webb a couple of times when he was in the hospital with pneumonia last January. After that, he struggled to get back to his previous level of capability. Webb experienced another setback in August when he was in the hospital with a case of swine flu that worsened into pneumonia.

We noticed that over that past number of months, Webb slowed down, and seemed to lose his former enthusiasm. We kept praying that Webb would bounce back, and then move on to where he could walk and talk. But God had other plans, and decided to take Webb sometime in the middle of Tuesday night.

Webb was a blessing and a joy. We will think about him every day, and we will miss him until we see him again. No son or brother was ever more loved and adored. He was our darling, and he was beautiful. We thank the Lord for 13 wonderful years. We can't wait to hold him in our arms again.

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Kimberly Stewart said...

Hey guys (and girls), its me, Kim from Unos. Just wanted to let you know I did say a prayer Sunday at 3:00, you all have been heavy on my heart and first on my prayer list.
I met you all in the darkest time in your life, but your love for God and each other still shines bright in my life.
The grief you are going thru now - will get easier. I did not say it would go away. I still have mine from 28 years ago, and I am so sorry you are in the same "club" as I am, but because of Webb, I met a wonderful family. I will always carry a place in my heart for you guys.
It warms my heart and gives me hope to see a family full of love, respect, and the closeness you have. All the "kids" are so well mannered, it is an honnor to know you all.
Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers that God will fill your hearts with the comfort of His love during this dark period of your lives. God never leaves us, or lets go of our hand, we always let go of his, but when we are in "HIS GRIP", we are secure. I thefted this phrase from a friend, and use it often.
May God keep you all safe, close to His heart and always in His Grip.