Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Sally Ally's Diary -- posted by Sarah Grace

I came across one of my old diaries today.  The calendar says '95-'96, so I was around six years old then.  Here are a few excerpts from it, with the original spelling included.  Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn't have backwards letters as well.  Translations will be in parentheses.

--  Last niget I had a tarobl day.  NOT GOOD  (Last night I had a terrible day.  NOT GOOD.)

--  I pakdes riding my bik wet 2 wels on but my butr keps bubing in to me.  (I practiced riding my bike with 2 wheels on, but my brother keeps bumping into me)

-- Get a grp!  (Get a grip!)

--  I love you!

--  Bad day!

--  Les eat!  (Let's eat!)

--  My hero!

--  On my feld crp I got to fed a got.  (On my field trip I got to feed a goat.)

--  I got sam nau clos.  I love them.  (I got some new clothes.  I love them.)

--  My boyfrinde is nobody.  Ha!  Ha!

--  My dad callse me prinses cup cack.  I like that name.  (My dad calls me Princess Cupcake.  I like that name.)

--  No other God.  No grave and emeg.  Not God in vane.  Remeber Sbeth day.  (No other God.  No graven image.  Not God in vain.  Remember Sabbath day.)

Weird.  I have another diary from when I was a bit older and had my wits more about me.  Perhaps that one will make its way on here in a future entry....

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