Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! -- posted by John

On New Years Eve my whole family and I slept over at my grandmother's house. She loves parties even though she is bedridden! We had lots of food like shrimp and little quiches and chips with dip and little eclairs and Italian cream cake. The kitchen was set up buffet-style like the party in You've Got Mail. Will was scraping off the delicious outer crust of the chocolate pound cake just like Tom Hanks was scraping off the caviar garnish on the pâté. I love the way Meg Ryan puts the garnish he swiped back on the plate.

We played Wii in the den before the ball dropped. Ma asked Mom to put up a card table in her room for us to put together a jigsaw puzzle. She also wanted Will and George to put together George's Lego set in the bed with her. She likes having us in the room with her. When we leave, she rings her bell to get us back in there.

After the ball dropped the first thing we did in the new year was take communion together. We took it with bread and sparkling grape juice.

The next day we woke up, ate breakfast, played some Wii, had visitors over, ate hotdogs and then watched the Sugar Bowl with our Gators and Cincinatti. It was Tim Tebow's last game and we were glad to win. We slept over again last night but we'll go home today.

I haven't been writing in my journal much lately because I've really been into math. I finished my entire year's math book in a liitle over a month. Maybe I'll become a math whiz instead of a journalist. Who knows; I kind of go in phases.

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