Friday, December 4, 2009

Sick -- posted by Sarah Grace

I have never used AIM before, but my brother had previously downloaded it onto the laptop, so I signed up. I was waiting on a friend (my friend was taking forever to get on), and while I waited I explored a bit to see how the whole site worked. First of all, I was appalled by the grotesque and nasty user images and discussions I saw in the chat rooms. It's as if these people want to think of the most vile and disgusting things to say, even if they don't make any sense whatsoever. It was absolutely revolting.

Then out of nowhere, a user popped up on my private message screen and wanted to chat. I accepted, and we began having a very pleasant conversation joking back and forth, until suddenly he told me that he was into "sex chat," and he wanted to see if I was up for it.

I have never in my life felt as violated as I did that moment. I'm very well aware of the evil in this world, but I had never been sexually approached before.

I wanted to throw up or cry. Too confused and emotional, all I wrote back was "Absolutely not. Goodbye." When my mom came home from shopping, I told her about it. Even though it was over an hour since it happened, she and I agreed that I should write him back and confront him. I knew I would feel better once I had.

This is what I wrote:

You know, you shocked me so with your remark that I stopped too quickly before warning you that you better knock it off and repent of your sinning, and especially have your sin nature eradicated. Otherwise, God is going to kill you and put you in hell! I am still very troubled from when you invited me to sex chat. You're not only sinning, but you're leading others into sin! Shame on you!

I wasn't expecting him to write back, and if he did I expected him to rant expletives. He wrote back, and I had my mom read it first in case it was something awful.

Surprisingly, this is what he said: its tru and u r right...i cant argue the point...and i do ask both ur and His forgiveness...thanks for putting me under conviction

Me: I forgive you. Now ask Jesus to take away that nasty sin nature so you can walk a holy walk, and go and sin no more.

Him: u r right and i definitely will

I couldn't believe it. Now, it's definitely possible that he's just a seasoned "sex chatter" who knows the right things to say whenever he bumps into a Christian. But still, I'm hoping that he meant it.

What's funny though, is that during our pleasant conversation before the fall, I joked around with him about being new to AIM, and that I type slower because I spell out "you" and "are" instead of "u" and "r." So, what the hell made him think I would even know how to sex chat?

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