Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Just Made Myself Hungry -- posted by Sarah Grace

The other day while the boys were cleaning up the classroom, they stumbled across a menu that I had created for a class at culinary school.  The class was taught by our meat instructor (you know, the widower I had a crush on), and he was teaching us about what actually goes into running a restaurant.  Our project was to choose two meats and write five menu descriptions for each.

I chose chicken and shrimp, and I went home and dove headfirst into creating mouth-watering descriptions.  I worked very hard on this, as I wanted to make Chef proud.  When I received my paper back at the end of our next class, my "Love Chef" had written "Perfect" at the top of the page.  I felt complete.

Anyway, I thought I'd give y'all a taste (ha!) of what you could look forward to at my restaurant.

Chicken Quesadillas
   Two white corn tortillas stuffed with marinated chipotle chicken, smothered in delectable Monterey Jack cheese, and grilled to bubbly deliciousness.

Chicken Parmesan
  Tender, juicy chicken breast covered in a thick crust made with aged Parmesan cheese.  Served with a delicately simple lavender rice pilaf and a savory broccoli almandine.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
  Savory Swiss cheese and succulent ham stuffed in a tender chicken breast makes up this all-time favorite.  But, paired with our creamy white wine sauce, this dish takes on a whole new flavor!

Shrimp and Grits
  Seasoned jumbo shrimp, red and green peppers, onions and Portobello mushrooms, all sauteed to perfection and piled high over a bed of creamy stone-ground grits.  Topped with our signature Dreamy Cheese Sauce.

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp
  Is there a more perfect match?  Crispy bacon strips envelope our savory jumbo shrimp to create a pairing of flavors that will keep you coming back for more.  Served with spicy low-country red rice and our freshly made coleslaw.

Grilled Shrimp Salad
  Marinated grilled shrimp, sweet grape tomatoes, juicy pineapple, Mandarin oranges, tossed together with crisp, fresh lettuce and sweet coconut dressing make this salad a tropical treat you won't soon forget.

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