Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update -- posted by Mandy

I wanted to give a quick update since I know a number of dear family friends check this blog for the latest with our family.

First of all, Happy Birthday to Spencer yesterday! I'm sorry I didn't get to lay a big smooch-a-rooni on you, but I'll make up for it once Will steps in for us here. You'll have to peel me and my muchos smoochos off of you! I love you, babe, and I'm so proud of you, and thanks for holding down the fort while we're spread out!

Secondly, for those of you who haven't heard yet, we got the report that Ma does NOT have lung cancer! Oh thank you, Lord! What a relief that she doesn't have to deal with that. Of course, she's still in hospice and she knows her time is near, but she is overjoyed that she doesn't have that dread.

Sarah Grace and I have had a wonderful time here lately listening to stories from Momma's life. (I wish I had as good a memory as she does!) We've managed to document the who, what, and where on stacks of old photographs and she's had a blast reliving those days. By the way, we've heard an earful on the Red Foxes of 1947.

Momma is very limited in her breath to speak so she motions for a lot of her needs and saves her breath for a good story! She has amazing stamina considering her condition. Yesterday I started reading First Peter and I assumed she'd "peter" out by the first couple of chapters, but she nodded me on to the end. Needless to say, she managed to stay awake for all of Dancing with the Stars and I often catch her juking in place when a good dance tune is on, especially during certain commercials with old disco beats.

Our dear friend, Leanne, has delighted Momma with sursies of petits fours, and a headboard lamp, and lovely (expertly wrapped, lol) packages filled with pajamas for every day of the week. Ma especially loves an elegant set of black and white paisley ones. Leanne also searched the countryside for an egg crate mattress pad for Ma's bed to make her more comfortable, and it certainly did the trick! God bless you, Leanne.

Many thanks, precious friends, for all your prayers for our family through this difficult time for Momma and, of course, my family's bout with H1N1. It seemed like the worst of times while we were going through it, but the good Lord has tucked in the best of times as well.



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