Friday, September 11, 2009

My Sultan of Smooth Soul -- posted by Mom

Yesterday, while the hospice nurse was here, I had to call my husband to find out if my power of attorney for Momma extended to medical power of attorney. Since my mother has her phone set on speaker so she can hear it, I courteously and immediately reminded him of such since the nurse was in the room listening. And what did he do? He proceeded to ooze every word he uttered in a deep-down, low, love-ya-baby-need-ya-baby-gotta-have-yo-fine-lovin'-baby, Barry White voice. At first, I didn't know if the nurse thought I was married to a 400lb. over-sexed black man, so I nervously did the haha-aren't-you-amusing chatter, but he would not relent! When I said goodbye, I think I heard him moan, "Mmmmm." It tickled my mother to bits and certainly took the edge off of why we were all there!

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