Sunday, September 6, 2009

Laughing the Sun Up -- posted by Mom

Okay, so I've been up since 4 AM when I heard the Webbsite wimpering. He had somehow managed to get out of his bed and across the floor onto this blanket the boys roll out to sit on while playing PlayStation. Evidently he couldn't get back in the bed (his crawling is hindered from being so sick) so he just lay there fussing. It worked, as I woke up and fetched my husband to wrestle him back into his bunk.

Mr. Allen is often awakened to wrestle children back into their bunks. We have some sleepwalkers who roam around and sometimes they even seek unconventional places to urinate. Really. I think they get it from me. One famous Franklin Family story is about how, while a preteen, I was sleeping on the sofa in our den when I suddenly woke up, and very purposefully walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door, pulled out the vegetable bin, dropped my bloomers and proceeded to relieve myself on our groceries. I then pulled up my britches, closed the vegetable bin and fridge (as if it were perfectly normal to do such a thing) and walked back to the sofa to resume my nap. I didn't make it as I was awakened by the laughter of my family. I remember being agitated with them for waking me, but I think it was more embarrassment because my sisters had friends visiting. My mother loves to tell that story.

My Mr. Allen has spent many a night stumbling around the house hunting a child to return to his bed or handing me a newborn to nurse so I wouldn't have to get out of bed for that 2 AM feeding. He'd patiently wait for the baby to be fed, and then return him to his crib. But you mustn't feel sorry for the old man as he is the most admired man I know. His colleagues introduce him proudly as the father of eight and they marvel at how he handles providing for this posse without me being a co-provider, and also how he manages being a hands-on father, even greatly contributing to homeschooling. It is a rare thing these days to find a man brave enough to take on that kind of responsibility, but I assure you my George Bailey declares he's the luckiest man in Bedford Falls!

I've spent this morning alone (where's Sarah Grace?) LMAO listening to Mr. Billy video entries. Since the volume is curiously low, Sarah, at my request, gave me a pair of earbuds so I could hear him better. With the earbuds and the house so quiet, I was able to hear all that I missed and I have L-O-L-ed with the rising sun. I think Mr. Billy's UK culture parallels US "yankee" culture (as opposed to our Southern culture) because he blurts out phrases like "get over it" and is sometimes abrupt by our standards. Even so, I've fallen in love with him a hundred times over and have thoroughly enjoyed the rascal.

Miss Sally has finally awakened so I guess it is time to get on with the preparation of breakfast. Yesterday, I was delighted to behold the sincere gratitude of the family when we made a blueberry pancake breakfast. Sarah didn't attempt it while I was gone, with being sick herself and it being a big job. We make whole wheat pancakes from freshly ground whole wheat pastry flour and you wouldn't believe how delicious they are! They aren't like heavy whole wheat pancakes; they're light and fluffy yet they are highly nutritious- loaded with enzymes. It's a slight bother, as I cook a pound of bacon while Sarah Grace grinds the wheat and makes the batter. Then it takes awhile to make all those pancakes on the griddle. It's not difficult, just time consuming. That's why we reserve pancake breakfasts for the weekend. We normally have french toast, or eggs and sausage, or Sarah's famous baked oatmeal. Her baked oatmeal is sooo delicious, and I'm not an oatmeal person. She's just really good at making healthful foods tasty. Mind you, we lived through some failed experiments, but not as many as you might imagine. I'm really proud of her. She even keeps us well stocked in things like homemade peanut butter and chocolate syrup to eliminate preservatives and unwanted ingredients. That's an extremely time-consuming chore to make even condiments from scratch! But she's happy to do it because she understands the science behind it all. I know this homemaker talk can bore the white right outta your eyes, but I think it's important to acknowledge the beauty of the much maligned and under-appreciated service to family.

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