Saturday, September 5, 2009

Home -- posted by Sarah Grace

Mom and Webb came home Thursday afternoon, shortly after I posted my last entry.  It was wonderful seeing them again after so long, and many tears were shed by Mom as she hugged the children tightly together.  We celebrated with Chinese take-out and watched the first college football game of the season. 

Now that they're home and everyone is well, we've been working on getting back into the swing of daily life, but kind of taking it easy at the same time.  Mom and I will need to relieve Will over at my grandmother's house in a couple of days.  He's been there for three weeks straight, and he misses the family terribly.

Amazingly, throughout this whole time, Mom never contracted swine flu.  But now, she's become a bit paranoid that she will, which would be terrible because of her needing to take care of my grandmother and relieve Will.  Occasionally, I'll hear her in the background saying under her breath, "Please Lord, don't let me get sick.  Please Lord, don't let me get sick.  Please Lord, don't let me get sick...."

Please Lord, don't let her get sick!

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The Allen Family said...

Oh c'mon... you make me sound like Howard Hughes! I simply mistook my weirdo menopausal stuff for the onset of the flu. I am glad to be home, though. Believe it or not, I prefer the Eliott Yamin version of "Home." Does that make me, like, an American Idol fan girl?