Monday, August 31, 2009

Tucked into the Cuckoo's Nest -- posted by Mom from 8/31/09

It's 2:06 am and I'm wide freaking awake because our nurse decided to give Webb a bath at 1am. I don't think she's mentally ill; she's just been subject to hospital time too long. Hospitals run on a completely differerent time plane well outside of the World Clock time zones we humans are accustomed to. After an extended stay it is nearly impossible to even know what day it is without outside assistance. Supper is served at 4pm and nobody finds it odd. There are planned activities every hour and your 3:40am temperature taking playdate CAN NOT wait until sunrise. I suspect I'm becoming one of them as it seems perfectly normal to take my shower immediately following the predawn temperature taking.

In the time it took to write that, a sleepy lull has descended on the floor. I'm gonna try to catch this wave.

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