Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Politics, Schmolitics -- posted by Sarah Grace

I said in an earlier post that I'd write about where my family stands politically, so here goes... we don't know where we stand. Well actually, we do know where we stand on issues. We just don’t know who is standing with us.

My mother's family was extremely politically well-connected, and her father was a huge supporter of conservative politics. In fact, here at my grandmother's house, there are framed pictures and letters from Ronald Reagan and others adorning the walls. My grandfather proudly supported Reagan's ascent up the political ladder even from the early days.

My father got his degree in Political Science from Brown University (I understand your Emma Watson will be going there, Mr. Billy and Mrs. Sarah). After directing statewide door to door canvassing efforts for Reagan’s 1984 campaign in RI, and being invited to the inauguration for his work, Dad was enlisted by the Republican Party to run for the RI State Senate. He had just started running for office when my parents met. In a heavily Democratic district, he was the Republican Party's sacrificial lamb. Amazingly, he got a third of the vote, even though he was a political newcomer, which was the most ever garnered by a Republican in that district. Trust me, this was stunning.

Suffice it to say, Mom and Dad were established, and extremely active in the conservative movement.

When my parents first got married, they enjoyed fundraisers and campaigns for the Republican Party. It was a way of life. Mind you, my parents were "churchy" people, and considered themselves Christians. They would've been considered the "Religious Right," if that term means anything to you.

Then, twelve years ago, my mother went all the way with the Lord, and thus began an open-minded and genuine search for truth.

You don't have to be in the Lord for long to realize that he's neither impressed with Democrats nor Republicans. When God opened Mom's eyes to the corruption, she copped an attitude of "pox on both their houses." The more we read the Bible the more we see the fulfillment of the end-time prophecies, and how there will be unsolvable problems. We already see this in Iraq and Afghanistan. These people have had bitter feuds between tribes for thousands and thousands of years. The "stans" can't have peace!

Now, we've read The Book, and we know how it ends, so politics is vain. From a common sense point of view, small government is better. We certainly don't want the same entity that runs the Department of Motor Vehicles running our health care, or banking, or anything else we want to keep from being screwed. Government bureaucracy defines "inept."

To make a long story short, my parents voted for G.W. Bush in the general election because he claimed to be smaller government and lower taxes, but he wasn't really. In the last election, we voted for Ron Paul in the primary, but we were stuck with voting for John McCain... which was really just a vote against Obama. As expected, Obama is quite good at spending other people's money for no good reason. We know the world is uber impressed with he and Michelle (of course, the rest of the world doesn't have to foot the bill), but we don't even think they belong on the best dressed list (was that sufficiently catty?), much less in the White House! So, there.

Like the Bible states, we pray for our leaders and ask the Lord to redeem the time, while at the same time knowing that the world's efforts will fail miserably. And ultimately, the true church will have a united heart-cry of "Oh come, Lord Jesus."

Soooo, I've now managed to commit the faux pas of discussing both religion and politics on my journal... it should be smooth sailing from here.

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