Monday, August 3, 2009

Is It Wrong To Quote Cher? -- posted by Sarah Grace

I was reading a favorite blog of mine this morning, written by a young woman who lives on a farm with her family. She's twenty-one, and her latest entry was about how she's learning to accept God's timing of when she'll get married. This seems to be a recurring topic among most stay-at-home-daughter blogs.

Like this girl, I'd always thought I would be married by the time I was eighteen. Not that I thought I was some great beauty that men would be chomping at the bit for my hand as soon as I came of age, but I knew I wanted to spend my best years raising children and caring for my husband instead of wasting that precious time in selfish pursuits. I knew being a wife and mother would be my greatest calling, and the most fulfilling occupation I could ever have.

Needless to say, now that two years have past since the "marriage mark," it's been a little frustrating. I keep reminding myself that the Lord knows what he's doing, that his timing is best, and that I should use the time I still have at home wisely and productively instead of sulking about my lack of husband.

One thing I've taken the habit of doing is praying for my future husband, whoever he is. It may seem silly to some that I pray for someone I've never met, but it gives me the feeling that in a small way I'm already being a "helpmeet" to my future husband, by asking God to guide and bless him in all he does, and to make him perfectly ready for a wife when we meet. As for myself, whether I get married next year or a number of years from now, I know that it will be God's perfect timing, and that I stand ready to fulfill my sacred calling as a caring mother and a faithful, diligent wife.

I just wish girls would understand that the years as a single adult living at home is a true blessing, and an enriching time for family relationships. It opens up a completely different dynamic between siblings and parents, and once one gets married, that precious time is over. These girls may not have the maturity necessary for the trials that come with marriage. They get so caught up in Jane Austen-esque romanticism that they spend more time yearning for a husband than they do appreciating the time of preparation for marriage, and simply resting in the Lord.

There's a lot to learn while being a stay-at-home daughter, and I will always cherish this chapter in my life.

"The trouble with some women, they get all excited about nothing - and then they marry him." -- Cher

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