Monday, August 31, 2009

Do I have too much time on my hands? Yes I do! -- posted by Mom from 8/29/09

Webb's x-ray hasn't caught up with him as it only shows him as stable yet unchanged. Pish Posh-- this boy is gazing at EVERY nurse with those dreamy baby blues and, oh my God, what a charmer! First, he hypnotizes them with his super hero magnetism and then after keeping them suspended in anticipation for the perfect amount of time, he then melts them with that smile! There are puddles of women throughout PICU.

Daddy was a brave little toaster to bring me Starbucks from Gervais Street since the Starbucks here is closed on Saturday and Sunday. [Today's motherly advice: Marry a man who surprises you by driving an hour round trip with hellacious swine flu just to serve you your morning cuppa joe. Then spend the rest of your life serving him in every way. Of course it's fair.]

I gotta go suction Mr. McFreckles 'cause he's hacking away. He has started clamping down on the yankauer (which sounds way too Scandinavian for me and that's why I call it "the sucky thing") so he must be feeling better than his previous quasi-comatose state.

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