Sunday, July 19, 2009

Warm and Smooth as Butter -- posted by John

My family has been putting videos up on and maybe you would like to see them. If they aren't on the first page still, click "videos" on the sidebar. But first I should tell you that I'm sorry I frustrated Sarah Grace and she got angry with me. I'm kinda nosy and curious and I distracted them. I'm so sorry everybody and especially Sarah Grace.

All of a sudden Sarah Grace has started writing online and she made a friend in the UK. He tried to do a Southern accent in a video entry and we all laughed so hard. Even Dad thought it was very funny.

Mom and Sarah are studying dialects now and it is quite interesting. There are many different Southern accents even in our own state. Our accent is much different than a Charleston or "Low Country" accent. Their accent has an African sound from the Gullah or Geechee languages of very black people who live on the islands around South Carolina and Georgia. I saw two of these ladies sitting on the steps by the columns of a building in Charleston making sea grass baskets. They are extremely black. Many of those ladies were mammies to white children so the white children got that sound. It is a beautiful accent, warm and smooth as butter.

Mrs. Sarah, my British friend, looked up Publix to see the cakes I was talking about. We had the Chocolate Ganache Supreme and the Strawberry and Peach Sensation. She said she's lucky they don't have those for such a good price at her home because she would eat them all the time!

We had cantaloupe from our garden this morning. We were late planting them so they are just now ripening. They were quite tasty. Everything seems better when you grow it yourself, I think.

Dad's been taking us to the pool a lot and we met two men and they played volleyball with us and we wished Sarah had come and met them too. We want Sarah Grace's husband to like all of us a lot, and these men did. These men were a good bit older than Sarah but that's okay because what matters is that her husband loves her for his whole lifetime. I can't imagine how I would feel if someone hurt her. I bet I would want to beat him with an iron rod, and I'm not ashamed to tell you that.

I read an article in The Economist about the trouble dairy farmers are having. One poor guy is trying so hard to keep his farm going. His father and grandfather were dairy farmers. I would love for us to be dairy farmers and the article made me sad to know how hard it is for these people.

I also read another article in the same magazine about farmers in Britain. They are into the "agritainment" business to make money. We actually thought about something like that. I got interested in the Britain section because of Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Billy.

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